Facts about vitamins

Facts about vitamins

Medicines, minerals and vitamins have become very important for us! Many of us had become home doctors by treating flus and fevers by ourselves but times have changed and we cannot take medicines juts like that like we used to take. Even the pharmacy delivery in Dubai has become strict and more curious to what do clients order and why they need the medicines.

There are different ways of consume vitamins and sunlight is the biggest and of the most available vitamins in Dubai (since Dubai is very hot). Vitamins are supplements for human body and if you want a well-maintained body then we suggest that you take some vitamins and minerals but make sure that you have consulted a doctor. Below, you will be reading about the facts of vitamins.

Thanks to Women

You must be wondering why! Well, you should be happy and feel over joyed to know that women have played an important role in discovering about vitamins and many vitamins for that matter. Vitamin A was discovered by Marguerite Davis in 1913 and vitamin E was discovered by Katherine Bishop in 1922 and folic acid was discovered by Lucy Wills.

Natural Vitamins from Food are Better from Vitamins via Pills

There is a saying that an apple a day, keeps the doctor away and is true because a doctor will recommend you vitamins in the shape of pills and if you eat an apple or any fruit, nuts and veggies of that matter, you will be consuming natural vitamins which is best than any of the vitamin pills.

Don’t Go Straight to Vitamin Pills

Health experts and nutritionists say that if you have vitamin deficiencies, don’t go about buying all the vitamins from the pharmacy, make sure you have a proper diet and you out in the sun, things will work out fine for you unless you cannot go in the sun and the issue is not resolving.

Benefits of Vitamin K: if you are an elderly woman or going in the elder age, then we suggest that you take vitamin K because it will result in longevity in your bones.

Vitamins are Not Made for All: like we said before that consult your doctor in the first place before taking any off the shelf vitamins because there have reported cases of people actually dying for taking off the shelf vitamins because it did not suit them at all.

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