Important factors to consider when purchasing a security metal detector for work


Most metal detectors have benefits to them. They all use different forms of metal for detection, such as non-ferrous and ferrous metals. The best ones are usually the cheapest because they use non-reactive metals. However, there are some advantages you can get from having one of the more expensive models. Here are five of the most valuable benefits of a walk of the metal detector & access control system in Dubai.

A: You get the most accurate results from walk-through metal detectors. You will get consistent results no matter how heavy or light your items are. The radiation emitted by these devices is so low to not affect other animals or humans who have to be security screened.

B: Several other types of walk through metal detector devices use electromagnetic energy rather than radiation. These other devices have their advantages over the traditional ones. For example, other types of devices can detect human hair, unlike radiation-sensitive ones. Also, another non-visible radiation is being used in the screening process.

C: When you walk through a metal detector, there is generally less radiation exposure around you. This is because the device uses an active cooling system that emits the radiation from behind the object rather than directly from it. It does this because it is using the Faraday Ring technique. It is the only security screening device that uses this technique.

D: You can choose which of the many detection zones the metal detector is going to use. The choices are based on the shape and size of the metallic object. You can choose from a line or circular option. Also, some options allow you to display a limited amount of information about the metallic object. In most cases, this information includes the model of the object, where it was made, and the country where it was made.

E: Some options allow for multi-zone detection. This means that a second detector can be set up in another part of the building. This gives you and your employees and friends the protection you need in a friendly environment. 

F: Another factor that you need to consider is the way that the units communicate with one another. Some metal detectors will allow multiple signals to be sent and received between the device and the base station. Other detectors are not capable of doing this.

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