Drone use in monitoring and surveillance services

Drone use in monitoring and surveillance services

Continuous monitoring of an event, a place or people requires manpower that is extremely costly. The use of drones for monitoring and surveillance purposes is clearly a right step in this direction. There are various kinds of drone services in Dubai now available online and offline, where service providers provide you with continuous monitoring of whatever you are hiring them for.

Monitoring the events using micro-drones where a lot of people have gathered can cut costs greatly and improve the service as well. Some people might compare using small planes and helicopters along with cameras to drones for monitoring the events. However, planes and helicopters make a lot of noise, are indiscreet and are a huge distraction. When it comes to positioning the cameras, they can’t be placed everywhere to provide you with the necessary shots especially at difficult angles.

Drones can help in carrying out monitoring services in a number of areas including security, monitoring illegal activities, natural disasters, concerts and big event, etc.


Drone monitoring services can greatly benefit national security and surveillance task forces by giving live input at the borders and helping in detecting any infiltration in real time. Furthermore, they can provide aid in monitoring and surveillance operations against looters, in coastal surveillance, against human trafficking, in anti-terror moves etc.

Illegal activities

Many illegal activities happen in difficult to reach places and monitoring of these places with micro-drones can thwart and catch any illegal mining, excavations and smuggling.

Natural disasters

Natural disasters are unpredictable but there are certain areas known for experiencing them during certain months of the year. The use of drones can help in monitoring the skies for any hint of such disasters to alert the people beforehand. Monitoring of catastrophes and tsunamis using drones help in preventing huge damages and later in assessing the destruction that has been done.

Concerts and big events

Using drones in the monitoring of big events such as concerts and international summit can be really helpful in providing top class security. The reputation of a nation conducting some international summit is at stake when officials of different countries are arriving and providing them security is crucial for the state. Aerial monitoring can be done very well by deploying drones.

Aerial monitoring with drone can easily bypass all the distractions that are inevitable in monitoring done on ground. Click here for more.

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