Choosing the right school

Choosing the right school

Being a parent you need to take a number of decisions for your child including the decision about which school to send your child to. It is among the most critical decisions as it has many options like choosing between a public school and private, religious or cultural differences etc. Find the best American school in Dubai here.

Some parents consider their local public school the right choice for their kids while many may weigh the advantages of private education. Although private school tuition is expensive there are many advantages to sending your children to a private school.

There are many different types of schools to choose within the realm of private education. You may have many different school options available, including boarding school, Montessori, religious etc.

Some prominent reasons of why parents choose private education are as follows:

Educational or religious philosophies

Parents professing Christian, Jewish or Muslim faith consider that public schools propagate secular values or do not support religious or moral principles they assert.

Parents choose alternative schools like Montessori schools because they encourage creativity, or simply because they agree with the alternative philosophy espoused by a certain kind of private school.

Classroom environment

The classroom environment is critical to a students’ learning. Lack of individual attention and bullying are the two main factors that are greatly injurious to learning. Smaller class sizes and more accountability at private schools can reduce both these problems and facilitate a better classroom learning environment for children.

Advanced academics

Parents in general assume that academics are much better when they go private probably because private schools charge extra money so they ensure quality standards. This may also include reasons like public school teachers are paid less and so they do not put in their 100 percent as in a private set up.

Similarly, parents find it easier to communicate directly with their child’s teacher at a private school. Parents and teachers work together in a private school to develop leadership skills, character and values in students.

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