Gathering Of Eagles

Merlin Miller and Virginia D. Abernethy Discuss Campaign Issues

May 12, 2012 2 Comments ›› Web Admin

2012 Presidential candidate Merlin Miller and running mate Virginia D. Abernethy explain their candidacy and the American Third Position party at a conference. Consider becoming a member. Anyone can join us! Send a contribution! We are raising $10,000 to assist Merlin Miller’s campaign. Donate whatever you can. We are hiring activists to gather signatures. We …

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ARMINIUS: The Liberator of Europe

Mar 31, 2012 Comments Off Web Admin

Merlin Miller | TWO THOUSAND YEARS AGO A HERO LIVED, a charismatic man who changed the course of global history.Yet his name, Arminius, or Hermann, or Armin, is seldom heard. The Germanics probably called him Armin, but his name became Hermann in the centuries to follow (generally attributed to Martin Luther). The Romans knew him …

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Our Vision for Ameria

Our Vision for America

Mar 17, 2012 Comments Off Web Admin

“America’s Founding Fathers had the courage and divine wisdom to create a nation unlike any in history. In so doing, they delivered a promise – for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But America is sick and under attack! Not by any military nor by God’s hand, but by treasonous elements within. This book …

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Merlin Miller Joins Richard Spencer

Feb 25, 2012 Comments Off Web Admin

Merlin Miller, the American Third Position Party’s candidate for president, joins Richard to discuss his party’s platform as well the prospects for outside-the-box and populist politics. Merlin Miller Joins Richard Spencer Click to play: Merlin Miller and Richard Spencer

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NRA “Trigger The Vote” Campaign

Feb 15, 2012 Comments Off Web Admin

By Geneva Sands-Sadowitz | The National Rifle Association (NRA) is out with a new ad urging supporters to get out the vote for the launch of its Freedom Action Foundation “Trigger the Vote” registration drive. Actor and NRA board member R. Lee Ermey stars in the commercial with his signature raised voice, yelling at viewers …

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America First

Candidate Statement

Jan 25, 2012 1 Comment ›› Web Admin

America, the greatest nation ever conceived, is now on the precipice and needs her patriots to come to the rescue. She has been betrayed by career politicians and a two party system that no longer serves the interests of the American people, but instead serves global special interests. America has also been betrayed by a …

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A3P – The Hope of Our Future?

Jan 25, 2012 Comments Off Web Admin

Tom Sunic and Kevin MacDonald discuss: The American Third Position Party (A3P)—its goals, its agenda, its attitude toward non-European immigration; The A3P’s platform, which is neither “left” nor “right”; The A3P’s main goal, to reach out to Americans of European ancestry and particularly to disenfranchised White workers, farmers and students who have become victims of …

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Merlin Miller

The Stark Truth: Interview with Merlin

Jan 20, 2012 Comments Off Web Admin

January 18, 2012 | Robert Stark interviews Merlin Miller. Topics include: Merlin’s experiences in Hollywood and the need for alternative media; His work on an upcoming film about the USS Liberty incident; His 2012 U.S. presidential campaign; His political positions on immigration, economics, trade, the environment, and civil liberties. Merlin Miller is the presidential nominee …

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Walt Disney

Walt Disney and the American Dream

Jan 20, 2012 Comments Off Web Admin

by Merlin Miller | Walt Disney was an American icon, who personified the best of America with his films, television shows and theme parks. He represented beauty, kindness and inspiration to an increasingly troubled world; and his avuncular presence brought comfort and joy to the lives of Americans and others around the world. If there …

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Call of the Wild

A New Call of the Wild: The American Third Position Party

Jan 20, 2012 Comments Off Web Admin

Tomislav Sunic | The following is an English translation of an article published in the French magazine RIVAROL (published by Jérôme Bourbon) on the A3P and it’s presidential candidates. In the hustle and bustle of the various right wing currents in America, it is fascinating to observe the recent birth of the American Third Position …

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