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Yard Signs available for a small contribution of $10.00.

Double-sided Merlin Miller for President 2012!

Custom made! Available now.

Buy yours below.

Merln Miller For President 2012

Order Merllin Miller 2012 Yard Sign Each @ $10.00


  1. Zeller says:

    That is a bold sign. In between Romney and Obama, I'd rather vote for him. I am willing to provide sign making supplies for him.

  2. Richard H. says:

    You have my vote! Even though you guys visited Arkansas, the Arkansas sample ballot is not listing you or your website, but it does list anti-american candidates and their websites. I am angered that Merlin is not listed or this website on sample ballot found at http://vote-ar.org

  3. Scott says:

    Mr. Merlin,

    I do not have faith in politicians because they all lie. There is a chance you are the same, but I can't help thinking that you are the best choice for this country. It is a long shot, but you have my support. If you need volunteers in the Indianapolis area, I will be more than happy to contribute! Good Luck Mr. Merlin. We need you even more than you know.

  4. Lynda says:

    The M on the sign looks like the logo of Marlboro cigarettes. I'd vote for him.

  5. brentmckaskell says:

    Where can I go to see a video of Miller's concession speech to President Obama? Has he called a televised press conference yet? It would give him an opportunity to say if he’s running again in 2016. If he isn’t, I would like to recommend that A3P nominate Alex Linder as our next POTUS.

    • American3P says:

      Merlin posted a note of thanks and appreciation to all the volunteers and supporters! No decision has been made regarding 2016. But why wait until then? There are many local elections to run for!

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