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Economy. Hard work. Common Sense.

America’s economy has been grossly mismanaged to the detriment of our people for decades. The ruling elite have accelerated a globalization agenda each year. At the same time, the crushing burden of taxation has been ruining our working and middle classes. We have also been experiencing the disastrous results of wide scale faith in corrupt financial institutions. The American Third Position supports a nationalist economic policy emphasizing ethical business practices and prioritization of the community.

A3P supports “fair trade” as opposed to the so-called “free trade” policies which have led to the systematic deindustrialisation of America. Until about 1970, Americans produced almost all of the products that we consumed. Unfair imports from Third World countries must be restricted to permit domestic industries to compete. This can be accomplished through tariffs and quotas at home along with diplomatic pressure abroad. Under this America first system, we would also withdraw from NAFTA, GATT, and the WTO. Manufacturing expertise and technology relies on our ability to produce innovators and skilled workers, the responsibility of our community. A strong manufacturing base is absolutely necessary for a world power to sustain itself.

Current tax policies often dis-incentivize invention and entrepreneurship. Tax dollars are aggressively collected from our people and funneled to so-called minorities, criminals, and persons unwilling to work. We will cut all programs that provide an incentive for people to be anything other than hard-working and productive. We believe all people have a right to determine who will benefit from the fruits of their labor. We also encourage thrift and personal saving, as opposed to the current consumer-debt culture that has destroyed too many of our families. Balanced budgets are also essential at all levels of government.

The Federal Reserve – a central bank made up of privately-owned member banks – loans money to our government at interest. Commercial banks also create money through lending to businesses and citizens. Both practices involve creating money out of thin air. To restore ownership of the American economy to its rightful owners, we will abolish the Federal Reserve, incorporating it into the United States Treasury. We will then grant government the sole right to print, issue and regulate money. Accordingly, the entire banking system would be subject to appropriate ethical constraints.


  1. John Tippin says:

    The Federal Reserve
    as Phil grandy states no more Federal then Federal express…

  2. Truth Seeker says:

    sounds like a return to obeying the Constitution ? if mankind does not learn how control of money and trade destroys a country, they are doomed to be enslaved…like we are well on the road to now…
    God, Truth, Liberty, Peace …in that order for any of them to be true and last.

  3. giavellireportadmin says:

    A first step, we need to END the tax on purchases of gold and silver.

    We should call the party the "America First" party

    You should never use the word "White" we are Europanic Americans. It isn't about skin color it is about ethnic origin. We are of the High IQ Europanics who had to survive Ice Ages, invented, and built everything of modern society.

    There is nothing in the economic plank on policies to encourage people to start a new company. I propose a 5 yr tax moratorium if you have sales under 1 million.

    There is nothing stopping inbound immigration and specifically the H-1B as a job killer

    Finally, I think any third party movement has to start with seats in congress BEFORE it will be taken seriously.