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A nation’s character is determined by its people – and racial demographics are a primary determinant. America’s founding fathers were European derived and this great country was settled and built through their efforts and that of their progeny. Less than 50 years ago our nation was still 90% White, with approximately 10% black, and a very small representation of other races. Since then we have been undermined by internationalists seeking to destroy the “liberty, sovereignty, and identity” of America.

These changes have not led to utopia, as crime and discord have resulted, as well as our economic decline. American values, heritage, and even language are under massive assault and we are quickly degenerating from a predominantly White, Christian nation — which led the world by its positive example — to a third world “tower of Babel”. At our current rate of demographic change, an American born in 1965 (part of the 90% majority) will die at the modest age of 77, as a minority in their own country!

This is bizarre and not happening by accident. During the 20th century, socialist global elites hijacked American institutions and media, and began indoctrinating our people into accepting “cultural Marxism” and “political correctness” — complete with multiculturalism, miscegenation, radical feminism and unnatural characterizations. White people were made to feel “guilty” for past wrongs, real or imagined, and have been ruthlessly attacked for showing any pride in their race, traditions, or heritage.

A3P stands to protect White American interests, as no other political party has shown interest in doing. This does not make us racist, but protective of our rights – which every other race or group is encouraged and praised for doing. Discriminatory “affirmative action” programs and the invasion of illegal immigrants adversely affect the welfare of all Americans, but especially the White majority.

We hold no animosity to other races, languages, religions, or heritages — in fact, we respect their differences. Indeed, America’s Black citizens have also suffered from these vast changes in the traditional fabric of American society, as jobs have been taken by illegal immigrants, and drug use and crime have become epidemic.

The goal of A3P is therefore to restore the legitimacy of White identity and expressions of White interests. We want to stop the divisive, orchestrated destruction of America and restore her to greatness.