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Who We Are

Unfortunately, many white American men and women have misplaced their priorities: Individualism and hyper-materialism have become more important than family and community. Millions of our youth have been coerced into destructive Marxist politically correct philosophy through television, radio and print media. The exclusive groups that dominate these mass media outlets have methodically imposed a degenerate influence on our people.

We must return to a strengthened family unit as the norm for society. We support traditional marriage. We must revitalize the sense of community in the U.S. that we had shared for two hundred years.


  1. Sarah says:

    I am gay. But I support traditional marriage as well.

  2. Dumbass says:

    @Sarah: Give him a chance. Are you lesbian? Is that why you think he's stupid? Hm, well either way you're going to h3ll!!

  3. DickSmalley says:

    I am not heterophobic. Being gay does not mean I hate heterosexuals.

    • American3P says:

      What a heterophobic thing to say! Where does it say we are racist? Anyone can join the party! ANYONE!

      Now I challenge you to show where we are racist? Otherwise please shut-up!

      • mtthwbrnd says:

        Okay. On the page concerning immigration it is stated that most of the immigrants since 1965 have come from Africa, Asia and Latin America. These are not countries where White people come from. Ergo, the site is stating that most immigrants are non-Whites. Without actually saying it, of course. Out of fear of being accused of racism.


        Regardless of whether one supports those policies or not, to deny they are Racist policies is dishonest.

  4. mtthwbrnd says:

    What does it mean, "we reject homosexuality"? Does it mean you would out law it? Please elucidate what actual policies you are proposing regarding homosexuality.

  5. American3P says:

    We are not proposing any policy regarding homosexuality. We simply support traditional marriage.