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  1. ramon says:

    jobs economy wars

  2. jOEOM says:


  3. Robt Hauser says:

    Ejection Day is almost upon us and I seriously doubt that one person in ten thousand even knows who Merlin Miller is…at least in the Yellow State of Cally. I wish to do what I can to get Miller's name on the California ballot but don't at this time have the resources. Will just have to do what I can w/ what I've got….but it would help immensely if someone could make up an eye catching flyer that I could wallpaper the area with so that at least some kind of marginal name recognition could be established within this State.

    In November I will vote Miller even if I'm the only person doing it….if none else it will at least serve as a commute salute to the Obama regime and all of the sheer rot and filth and degradation his whole stinking road show symbolized right from the very beginning and most people with enough gray matter to leave a grease mark on a linen table cloth knew would anyway.

  4. mtthwbrnd says:

    I just posted some questions asking for clarification on policy and they got deleted. Is this part of the Merlin Miller support for the 1st Amendment? Curtailment of the discussion is exactly what he complains that the media do to him! If you can't handle some simple questions about your own statement that you "reject homosexuality" (which has now been removed from the site and replaced by "we support traditional marriage") and if you can't respond intelligently to a demonstration that the immigration policy is racist when you are the one who challenged for a response, then perhaps you should not be in politics!

    What does it mean "traditional marriage" and how are you going to support it? Please tell us your policies. What you will do. If you want me to vote for you then you need to tell me what policies I am voting for. Thank you!

    • Robt Hauser says:

      How do you know Miller or those working on his campaign deleted them? Perhaps they did and all too possibly they did not—–always remember that the internet started out as DARPANET and when the government "gave" us the web, people should have known that it would almost instantaneously have become the eyes, ears and nose of the government right into our bone marrows, so do not rule out the possibility that it was deleted by other than those for whom intended. …..unless your queries were just out and out trolling and it is not as if the internet were not maggot-saturated with that sort of activity either in which case I would not blame the host for having scrubbed your comments. I doubt very seriously that Miller has any fear of reasoned and intelligent debate and free inquiry.

      • mtthwbrnd says:

        Well, duh, I kinda assume that they are in charge of this web site … given that it is their web-site! If you read my comments then you would not accuse me of “trolling”. All I did was asked what the policies are which are being proposed which will support the sentiments expressed on the website. That is not trolling, that is asking a relevant question.

        “I doubt very seriously that Miller has any fear of reasoned and intelligent debate and free inquiry.” So he gets to label any questions he does not like as “trolling” and dismiss them! I don’t even understand why he dislikes the questions, they are pretty straight forward questions requesting details on policies being proposed by his party. Gosh, it’s kinda the easy stuff, ya know!

    • American3P says:

      You sound like an ethnophone and xenophile. This is not a debate.

      The answer is clear. We (A3P) support traditional marriage over homosexual marriages (as do other Christians and Muslims and Jews, etc.)

      Be honest, most third world immigration is not to celebrate the "wonders of diversity," it is to partake in our health care, our education system and social benefits.

      • 35% of the US population are White males. 75% of the body bags returning from the Middle East are White Americans.
      • 25% of the undergraduates at Harvard and Yale are Jewish Americans but they are only 2% of the population.
      • 22% of the undergraduates at Harvard and Yale and elsewhere are Asians but Asians are roughly 4% of the population.

      Therefore, 47% of the undergraduates at Harvard and Yale and elsewhere come from only 6% of the US population! That means that while numerous European-Americans are losing life and limb for Zionist interests, other population groups are graduating university and becoming the social elite.

      You can establish for yourself that many "affirmative" policies do not favor the majority population. Now who is racist?

      Here is Mexico's official immigration policy:

      ' "• The Mexican government will bar foreigners if they upset “the equilibrium of the national demographics.” (Note: How’s that for racial and ethnic profiling?)

      • If outsiders do not enhance the country’s “economic or national interests” or are “not found to be physically or mentally healthy,” they are not welcome. Neither are those who show “contempt against national sovereignty or security.” They must not be economic burdens on society and must have clean criminal histories. Those seeking to obtain Mexican citizenship must show a birth certificate, provide a bank statement proving economic independence, pass an exam and prove they can provide their own health care."

      Democracy is majority rule, not minority tyranny.

      You can vote for who you want. If you don't want to vote in a manner that is reflective of the majority American population that is your choice.