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Mark Wachtler | American Third Position Party Presidential candidate Merlin Miller has been busily campaigning this summer, not only in his bid for the White House, but also to spread the message from his party. While Miller has no mathematical chance to capture the Oval Office, he and A3P will be on the ballot in a handful of states. Here are excerpts from two recent press interviews with Merlin Miller.

Merlin Miller ButtonThe political party describes itself saying, ‘The American Third Position is a patriotic, democratic alternative to the two parties that have wrecked our great nation. The U.S. political system has been shaped by the corrupt, entrenched, nearly identical Democrat and Republican machines. They are united in their ruthless suppression of all “third” parties.’

The A3P website goes on to explain, ‘The American Third Position Party believes that government policy in the United States discriminates against white Americans, the majority population, and that white Americans need their own political party to fight this discrimination. Our government no longer represents us.’

Interviews with A3P Presidential Candidate Merlin Miller

The below questions and answers are taken from separate interviews from two independent media outlets. One is from the Detroit Examiner’s Political Buzz edition and the other from Press TV. For more information directly from the American Third Position Party, visit their website at

Press TV: OK, so you are a presidential candidate. What exactly does that mean because we know that we have the Democratic Party, the Republican Party and basically that is it in the United States? So when you say that you are running for the presidential election, do you think you have a chance of winning or tell me exactly what you want to do by running?

Merlin Miller: No, actually no chance whatsoever; nobody knows who we are yet. We are trying to build a movement as an alternative to the two-party system. The two-party system is such a corrupt system right now; it totally depended on huge sums of money; the party platforms are controlled by global elites; neither party represents the interests of the American people anymore.

We feel there is a need for a grassroots movement to develop, to actually have political representation for America’s middle class, America’s working people who have no representation anymore.

I was actually recruited by this party and very reluctant because politics are not my ambition but I decided ultimately to go ahead and join their effort. We have modified the platform a little bit but it is pretty much in line with Ron Paul’s platform with a few stronger positions, one against illegal immigration because we are concerned with all the job loss from multi-national corporations moving factories offshore away from America and with the invasion of illegal immigrants, it is just causing tremendous economic hardship to a lot of families in America.

So we are opposed to that; we are definitely opposed to these wars; we want to bring our troops home right away; a lot of economic concerns, a lot of things need to be done to get America back on track with its finances.

Detroit Examiner: Here in Detroit and Southeast Michigan, the auto industry has fallen apart and manufacturing jobs have been lost. What is your solution to this problem?

Merlin Miller: This is a multi-faceted problem, but the solution is to stop the treasonous behavior of our politicians and put America first. This will require creating incentives for entrepreneurs/small businesses and erecting barriers to unfair competition, including protective tariffs.

Also, the costs of doing business because of government overregulation, litigation/insurance costs, etc., must be brought down through tort reform and the removal of invasive legislation. Most importantly, we must replace “free trade agreements” with “fair trade agreements,” which will benefit the American worker, rather than multinational corporations and foreign nations.

Press TV: Where is your platform because you may have a certain program or agenda but basically if it is not getting out, if your message is not getting out, I want to look at the mainstream media, the corporate media, right now in the United States, do you think you have a chance at all of getting your message across via the corporate media?

Merlin Miller: Not the corporate media at all. No, it is purely the internet and word of mouth. There are several patriot groups that are growing and I think these patriot groups are very concerned as we are and hopefully they will support our effort; if not our particular party right now, perhaps the growth of a coalition effort.

Maybe there are several parties that could come together, a new party could emerge that could be seriously funded and if we get some decent funding, then I think you will see some effort to penetrate the mainstream media. We are on the ballot in a few states with the prospects of getting some media coverage with the little funds that we have in those states. So it is one step at a time; it is a long way off before a viable force but it is the beginning.

Detroit Examiner: It seems like immigration is the defining issue of both your campaign and A3P. What, exactly, would you do about the darkening of America?

Merlin Miller: In protecting America’s natural citizens, a moratorium on immigration should be imposed until responsible legislation can be implemented. Immigration should be restricted, especially in difficult economic times, to only satisfy our nation’s true needs – and should not radically alter the existing racial/ethnic demographics.

Illegal immigration should not be tolerated, let alone rewarded with government benefit programs. Those who break our laws should be treated as criminals. America was 90% European derived as late as the mid-1960′s. That overwhelming majority is now predicted to become a minority within the next 30 years. This is a radical demographic assault that will destroy America, if not stopped. We are already suffering serious economic and cultural effects.

Press TV: What about the criticism that some of the patriot groups and even of yourself as we search on the internet your name for example? There is criticism there saying that you are a racist, a segregationist. Tell me what did that come from exactly?

Merlin Miller: In my opinion, they originated from my criticism of Zionism, of Jewish control of our media, of our foreign policy which is Israel first rather than America first. I had those criticisms and then was attacked on past associations I had with conservative groups.

Now these conservative platforms; we are not racist. Now there may be some white nationalists involved in these movements as you find in any movement but our position is strictly based on what is best for the American people and it is not racist.

My Wikipedia bio, I have tried to change two or three times now, within a day or two, it reverts back. They have gone so far as to say that I have a “white-only” film company. I am the ONLY employee in the company and in all my films, I have hired the best for every part, every role. The last motion picture, the co-star was black; the editor was Puerto Rican and that has never been an issue with me.

I believe we treat everybody as individuals. I am opposed to affirmative action. I think that is very destructive for the black community as well as the white community and it is unconstitutional; it is unfair but because of those positions and primarily because of my opposition to Zionist power is why they are trying to brand me something that I am not and I hope to clear the air on that but it is a difficult process to overcome.

Detroit Examiner: Right now the two party system is locked in tight. What do you think it’s going to take for a third party like A3P to replace the Republicans as the challenger to the Democrats?

Merlin Miller: It will probably require a complete economic collapse (which is coming) to wake up enough Americans to realize that neither major political party represents their best interests – but are controlled by special globalist interests.

The Republican Party has effectively, but only temporarily, hijacked the budding “tea party” movement. But a third party’s viability will grow as America’s decline becomes more apparent and our middle-class seeks true representation. To succeed, the A3P must work for election reform and secure sufficient funding to educate our citizens with truths.

Press TV: Let’s look at it in general, for example you’re saying with the situation right now with the whole Zionist entity that happens in the United States. We just saw a clip earlier that after the Democratic Convention and they were saying themselves, it takes two thirds of the votes, of positive vote, to actually put it on the platform that Jerusalem should be the capital of Israel.

Obviously it was from the sounds that we heard – the vocal, that it was not two thirds, but at the end, it said, OK, it has passed. Is that basically how it is done in the United States? There is a Zionist agenda and no matter what or whom opposes it, it’s going forward as planned.

Merlin Miller: It’s true. It was obvious to me that that was just abuse of the system. That platform position should not have passed; it should not have ever been posed, why that should be an issue for a party platform in American politics.

Just as Republicans marginalized Ron Paul out of the campaign, changed their campaign or their election rules or platform position rules – just a deviation from anything that should be fair and they did a design to keep their people in. If somebody should ever go against Zionist interests in the next election, they’re gone and all the money goes to their oppositions.

So it’s just sad for me to see that our representatives are just bought, they’re lap dogs for the Zionist lobbies. That’s why we have career politicians; they stay there forever because they’re owned. We need to get back to the traditions of the American Constitution and have our representatives be there for just a short period of time, go back to their constituencies so they truly represent their areas and not these special interest groups.

Special thanks to Press TV and our fellow Examiner covering Detroit Political Buzz. Follow the links to read their full interviews with Merlin Miller.

For more information about Merlin Miller and the American Third Position Party, visit

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Mark Wachtler, Independent Examiner: Mark Wachtler is the owner-Editor of Whiteout Press, a former elected official and veteran of independent & third party politics. Combining his creative writing style with a lifetime of street-level campaign experiences, Mark Wachtler gives you a glimpse of American politics like you’ve never seen.

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  1. M DeFord says:

    I'm quite appalled at the questions posed by the media. Seems they are only interested in repeatedly and ignorantly attempting to state that Merlin's running is worthless because they do not believe he has a chance given the major parties…and their financial and media support. Mr Miller's point has nothing to do with his chances of winning this election. Perhaps if the media stopped with the superficiality they have projected onto the American public and remembered their own intelligence their questions would help the present Miller's points to the public rather than just pointing fingers and laughing. I'm not sure what they are laughing at, themselves? Their willful ignorance? Their inability to stand up for their own intellilgent thoughts, beliefs and concerns?

    Nothing is two dimensional, no matter how hard we as humans attempt to provide linear relationships to blindly "demonstrate" or "convince" ourselve that decisions should be made with such limited vision.