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Jul 22, 2012 9 Comments ›› Web Admin

Web Staff | Merlin Miller and other A3P members attended Freedompalooza in Pennsylvania during the weekend of July 6 to celebrate freedom and Independence Day. Speakers included former Representative Jim Traficant, James Condit, Cyndi Steele, and others. Merlin Miller spoke to the enthusiastic crowd on Sunday morning.

Here is the video clip. Special thanks to videographer Vinnie M. from New Jersey and his selfless work to record the event.

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Merlin Miller Freedom Palooza
Merlin Miller, July 7, 2011

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  1. Bob says:

    We are in desperate need of ONE flyer with Merlin Miller's face and name that we can make copies of and wall paper this area with. November is a breath away and I need material that is eye catching and that we can make large copies of here and mass disseminate. Even if he doesn't win in November, the "300" will know that he is a force to be reckoned with.

  2. Bob says:

    I too….WAS….a Ron Paul supporter

  3. Bob says:

    Welcome to New Age America where everything is made in the Third World….including most of the people now. Time to execute an emergency back 180.

  4. Dan Poole says:

    Excellent speech Merlin! The SPLC is out there making up stuff about the A3P being full of "racist skinheads." Leaders like you prove the SPLC wrong!

  5. American3P says:

    Re: Merlin Miller Speech at Freedompalooza 2012

    Aye, Merlin Miller is a sailor’s sailor and a legitimate American patriot. He truly represents everything I’ve fought and argued for some ninety-three years. In fact at this stage of my life I have little tolerance for those in society or government who have allowed themselves to become intimidated, brainwashed and enslaved by AIPAC, minority controlled media and self-serving (career-minded) politicians. Old age, declining health and the few days I have left on planet earth simply will not allow it!

    I sincerely hope and trust that you will understand. If so, consider joining with Merlin in opening your eyes and ears to the truth for a change.


    Henry White,
    US Navy (Retired)

  6. Canadian says:

    I'm very encouraged to hear my American cousins are finally waking up to this reality. Many of these same problems exist in most western nations today. I may not agree with everything you stand but agree that a new awakening needs to take root to help us turn the corner and put us back on the proper path.

    Signed – a 7th Generation North American

  7. Proud Pole says:

    Although he seems to have a German background, I honestly wish you America a president like that. Do the world a favor and get rid of this zionist hydra that through America controls the whole world economically, mentally (by the media and ziowood) and militarily.

    BTW: In his book “Jewish Supremacism” David Duke is misinformed as far as the the Polish-German 1939 war (beginning of WW II) and the reasons behind it are concerned.

    Semper Fidelis Poloniae

  8. Vista problems says:

    Merlin miller is definitely an American patriot. Words with him are always an inspiring piece for all us youngsters as it can help us understand the importance of patriotism. No doubt that his speeches can be included in help everyone realize the importance of Independence Day.