USS Liberty Survivor Ron Kukal Interviews Merlin Miller

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Nov 13, 2012 4 Comments ›› Web Editor

Former US Navy Petty Officer and USS Liberty survivor of Israel’s attack on the Liberty on June 8, 1967; witnessed the carnage of dead sailors below decks from the Israeli torpedo strike. Ron Kukal’s PTSD still affects his life and family relationships. There are dangers facing Liberty survivors who dare tell the truth about the attack! Kukal is thankful to the rescue ships and sailors who saved the Liberty from sinking and helped get it back to port. Ron Kukal is a true patriot and is a Purple Heart recipient.

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  1. Robt Hauser says:

    That kind of hideous scar tissue within the soul and mind many times never heals. That incident can never be forgiven….I have always believed that the Kitty Hawk should have flatly defied LBJ's sociopathic orders to stand down and launched every warplane on her decks and stowed below against the Israeli and massacred Israel's air force in a way that would strike the fear of Hell's Eternity into the breast of any Israeli who would ever conceive of such a stunt again regardless of how lofty their title in jewish politics. Angry mobs of Americans should have demanded LBJ's skull on a platter for that act of treason.

  2. Robt Hauser says:

    Yes, there is a LAW that the decent and civilized people of an oppressed nation can in fact fall back on when abused by a sociopathic misregime such as that at current and back in ’67 when we were cursed to live under LBJ’s misrule…it is known as “law-per-pais”—-the Common Law of ancient roots. In America we are cursed to live under Chancery “law”—totally false “law” sometimes known as “ultra vires” or so-called “commercial law” —the Common Law of the United States includes the Constitution and all laws in pursuit thereof.

    But we are presently cursed with an essentially entirely sociopathic regime that needs to be removed from our lives in pursuit of and in conformity with the Common Law or law-per-pais.—-the best place to start, in my own humble opinion—-is to force all of the courts of this country to honor the Common Law as opposed to “administrative” or ‘chancery’ law —which is totally false “law”—it means many of us getting slapped with so called “contempt” charges. That is fine with me. I’ve dealt with them and I have made many enemies of court “judges” that I wouldn’t trust to “judge” a dog show

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