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Nov 9, 2012 Comments Off Web Admin

Dear AFP Supporters,

This year has been a monumental success and I want to thank the AFP Board of Directors, Party Members, support staff and our field force of volunteers and friends – for all of your hard work and belief. This was the first national campaign effort for the American Third Position Party and we made an incredible impact, surprising our most fearsome detractors, and even some doubting friends.

For a new party, with very little money and a small, nascent infrastructure, we’ve built a viable third party that can grow to make a critical difference. We now have it within our ability to unite the various nationalist factions and overcome our nation’s corruptors – to safeguard a future for our progeny and restore America’s traditional greatness. The future will present many difficult challenges, but I ask everyone to maintain vigilance, and increase efforts to awaken others and grow our messages. The next elections are less than two years away and we need to get some A3P’rs in office. The Board of Directors will be developing plans to take the party to the next level – and we look forward to your ideas and help.

Thank you and God bless you,

Merlin Miller

Now is the time need to grow the party! Donate whatever you can!