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Nov 6, 2012 Comments Off Web Admin

Web Admin | Dan Poole of the writes

Tomorrow Americans will choose to either stay in la la land and believe whatever they want to believe, or they will slow the descent down the rabbit hole. Americans will choose between the red state candidate, Mitt Romney, and the blue state candidate, Barack Obama. As it were, they’ll be choosing between the red pill and the blue pill.

Merlin Miller in-depth interview by American Free Press

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If they choose Obama, the train that is heading into a wall at 100 miles-per-hour will speed up to 200 miles-per-hour, for there will be nothing to stop Obama from ruling like an absolute dictator. If they choose Romney, the train will slow down to 65 miles-per-hour but will still be on a crash course. After all, when Neo chose the red pill, nothing about the real world or the Matrix actually changed. Neo just finally recognized the truth of what was happening.

But even if America buys itself more time by electing Romney, the war will still be lost if liberalism/progressivism is not cleansed from the land. The EPA, IRS, Federal Reserve, and all these other totalitarian monstrosities will still exist if Romney is elected. There will still be massive third world immigration and hoards of illegal aliens if Romney is elected. Obamacare will still be in place if Romney is elected. Likewise, the Matrix still existed even though Neo chose the red pill.

A detailed plan for cleansing progressivism from the land is beyond the scope of this article. But as they say in the 12 step Alcoholics Anonymous program, admitting that you have a problem is a good place to start. Ideally, the problem would explicitly be identified as progressivism, which is the unholy collection of ideas and polices that result in some of the worst evils the world has ever seen.


The South has long sensed that it is under attack from tyrants and parasites that would love nothing more than its total destruction, which is why Southern states are deep red. It is high time that the Midwest, the Plaines States, and the Rocky Mountain states come to the same realization.

We are hated because we support limited government. We are hated because we reject the global warming hoax. We are hated because we support lower taxes and fewer spending on failed government programs such as welfare. We are hated because we don’t support the murder of unborn babies. We are hated because we always strike down gay marriage whenever it’s on the ballot. We are hated because we support English as the official language. We are hated because we want to stop illegal immigration. Above all, we are hated because we are white.

Middle America has the electoral ability to throw Barack Obama’s ass out of the White House tomorrow. If it doesn’t happen – if we choose the blue pill – then we deserve everything Obama gives us over the next four years. No one deserves to be free if they are not willing to cast out their oppressors. And even if we cast out Obama, it will be a hollow victory in the long run if Middle America doesn’t recognize that it is in a war for its right to live and live freely.

In many states there is another choice. Merlin Miller. I happen to live in a state where I have the option to vote for Merlin Miller. I vote for the man who best represents my ideals and my traditions. Merlin Miller is an eloquent representative of those traditions and values that I support as an American. My vote is for Merlin Miller.