Merlin Miller, a true American Patriot and West Point graduate, is an award winning filmmaker and American Third Position Party Presidential Candidate for 2012.

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About Merlin Miller

Merlin Miller was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. He graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY and served in the U.S. Army, where he commanded two units.

Merlin later worked as an industrial engineering manager at Michelin Tire Co.. He has been married to his wife Susan for 37 years. They have 4 grown daughters, three of whom also graduated from West Point.





The Issues



We strongly support the states and their school districts right to reclaim responsibility for educating their youth. Since the Department of Education was formed, the quality of American education has gone from 4th in the world to 34th.

National Defense

We should, in no way, share our technologies and operational plans with other nations. Currently, much of our threat resides with “friendly nations” selling our secrets to others and initiating “False Flag” operations to involve us in their conflicts.


We will cut all programs that provide an incentive for people to be anything other than hard-working and productive. We believe all people have a right to determine who will benefit from the fruits of their labor.

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America desperately needs a strong and viable patriotic alternative to the Republican-Democrat monopoly, which is but two wings of the same bird of prey.

America needs a government beholden to the people, not to the banksters, the mega-corporations, and foreign governments. It’s time to put America First!

Support American Third Position — and support Merlin Miller for President in 2012!

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How the United States Immigration System Works

How the United States Immigration System Works

The legitimate immigration process is represented by the Immigration and Naturalization Act, which is highly complex in the establishing level. It requires an annual worldwide limit of 675,000 perpetual migrants for every year, in spite of the fact that the correct number conceded differs. The law depends on three larger standards:

United States Immigration System

Reunification of families:

The law accommodates a boundless measure of visas for close relatives of US natives (life partners, minor youngsters, and guardians). It additionally accommodates close to 480,000 and no lesser than 260,000 visas for grown-up youngsters and kin of US subjects, and in addition companions and unmarried offspring of legitimate lasting inhabitants, or LPRs. The outline underneath, from the Immigration Policy Center, illuminates precisely how those 260,000-480,000 visas are relegated.

  • Attracting immigrants with skills useful to the economy
  • By allowing more than 20 different types of brief work visas to non-foreigners, the INA gives 140,000 changeless business based visas every year.

Protecting refugees:

Refugees are admitted to the US because of an “all around established fear of mistreatment” in their nations of origin. The President of The US and Congress decide the roof for displaced person confirmations every year. Moreover, people as of now inside the US who were aggrieved or confronted abuse should they return home may apply for asylum. They should appeal for shelter inside one year of landing in America and there is no restriction on the number of people who might be conceded as a refugee.

The law likewise accommodates different types of humanitarian relief and a framework known as the Diversity Visa Lottery, intended to permit the entry of migrants from nations that don’t send numerous settlers to the US. Moreover, the law expresses that no group of permanent foreigners from a solitary nation can surpass 7% of the aggregate sum of individuals moving to the US in a single year.

Overall, we have an exceptionally inconvenient system that organizes family association over financial convenience, with significantly a larger number of visas held by family ties than helpful ranges of abilities. This is particularly intense among high-talented immigrants, who are left to battle about an insignificant 140,000 accessible changeless spaces every year.

U.S. Citizenship:

With a specific end goal to meet all requirements for U.S. citizenship through naturalization, an individual must hold LPR status (a green card) for no less than five years. There are special cases including individuals from the U.S. military who serve in a period of war or pronounced threats. Candidates for U.S. citizenship must be no less than 18-years of age, show constant residency, illustrate “great moral character,” pass English and U.S. history and civics exams (with specific exemptions), and pay an application expense, among various other necessities.

About Merlin Miller of American Eagle Party

About Merlin Miller of American Eagle Party

American Eagle Party was established by a focused group of energetic Americans and led by previous Army leader, designer, and movie producer Merlin Miller, the American Eagle Party is focusing on grassroots sorting out in every one of the 50 states.

Merlin Miller of American Eagle Party

The American Eagle Party has a strong arrangement of activity, concentrating on the most critical issues with an essential stage that accentuates:

  • Ending Washington’s wars and occupations around the globe;
  • Halting the immigration attack of the United States;
  • Recovering Americans’ Constitutional rights and freedoms;
  • Reestablishing America’s economy and working class
  • Empowering genuine media choices

Merlin Miller:

Merlin L. Mill operator was born in the year 1956. He is an American Paleo-conservative political extremist, movie producer, essayist, and director. His works include the 1998 TV film A Place to Grow, featuring Gary Morris, and the 2000 film Jericho, featuring Mark Valley. During the 2000s he established a Tennessee-based creation organization, Americana Pictures. He has likewise composed articles for the Barnes Review and the Occidental Observer.

On January 12, 2012, the Board of Directors of the American Third Position Party consistently selected Miller to be its candidate for the United States presidential election of 2012. Hence, he turned into the principal presidential competitor run by the party, which was established in 2010. During the battle Miller talked at numerous regions and tended to a few media over the United States, incorporating an appearance in the third hour of the February 4 portion of The Political Cesspool, and the Kintnersville, Pennsylvania nationalist celebration Freedompalooza over the July 6 weekend. Miller likewise composed Our Vision for America, a 108-page book co-composed by Dr. Adrian Krieg, which talked about the explanations behind America’s decay and how to stem them.

Current Issues:

The Ron Paul Revolution and the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street developments have indisputably demonstrated that there are a huge number of Americans who are enormously disappointed with the two-party system, which denies any genuine rivalry or reasonable portrayal. The American Eagle Party will give disappointed Americans the political relief they need, so America becomes a free and prosperous Republic.

The American Eagle Party has arranged a website ( and is building up a bleeding edge multi-media web channel, Eagles News Network (ENN). A radio show has been developed, and additionally, the forthcoming distribution of Merlin Miller’s book, “Eagles Are Gathering.” The Nationalist Times daily paper and other option productions are likewise joined forces with the American Eagle Party to share convenient, critical data and advance restorative activities.